Why Renegade Realty?

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We are often asked: “Why name yourself Renegade Realty.” It’s a good question and one we asked ourselves repetitively before deciding on it.

If you go to a dictionary, it gives the following definition for “renegade”: An individual who rejects conventional behavior.”

When marketing a business, the old adage is “differentiate or die.” We took this to heart. As the discount commission realty business is booming North America, it seemed only natural to bring this business model to Costa Rica.

We were aware from the outset that by choosing a low cost commission model for our business that we would be rejecting the well-established full commission model.

Not only have we rejected the consumer-unfriendly model of charging too much, we have had the nerve to give better financial incentives to our agents. So, we changed this unfair compensation model as well.

Does this bother our competitors? You betcha. They will bad mouth us and tell you that we don’t deliver on our services. But, yet, we do……every…..damn…..day. The reason why you will hear this nonsense is that our competitors cannot compete against our model and resent us for starting it in the first place. They see it as we are “killing the goose that lays the golden egg.” In addition, we are much better financed than our competitors. Just come to our office and you will see a big difference in our décor and technology. It puts them to shame.

We see this quite differently. We have purchased real estate many times in our own lives and questioned how realtors justified charging so much for their services. Rather than join in on the full commission bandwagon, we took the side of our customers and decided that we would charge less.

At first glance, it may not seem much that by charging 5% listing commission rather than the typical 6% rate. But, it really is a big savings to you as we are charging 18% less which is a large savings to you. Further, none of the Realtors offer a Buyer Commission Cash Back Plan in which we refund the greater of 1% or $1000.00 back to our clients when we represent them in making a real estate purchase.
We can afford to this as we are better financed than our competitors and, frankly, are just less greedy. Since many people want to save money on their real estate transactions, we draw clients readily. Most of our clients have similarly grown tired of the full commission charging and embrace our concept.

So, in the end, I can only encourage you to join us in this process and take our slogan to heart:

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