Where to live in Costa Rica


In the real estate field, you always hear about the three “L’s” which are “Location, Location, Location.” This is absolutely true in many areas, but not quite as important when you are discussing a natural paradise such as Costa Rica.

If you are looking for a metropolitan lifestyle, there is no choice but to go to San Jose or its suburbs/exburbs in the Central Valley. It is where the majority of the population lives and it the center of business and culture for Costa Rica. The downside, of course, is crowding and terrible traffic which are the very things most newcomers to Costa Rica are seeking to avoid. For this reason, the city is a better place to visit than to live.

After leaving your home country, most people are looking for peace and quiet which Costa Rica offers in abundance.

Now, how do decide where to live in the 90% of the remaining country? This is up to your personal preference. The right place will strike a chord with you and you will be smitten. Here is a list of considerations which will help guide you in your search for your personal paradise:

∙ Elevation – the higher you live, the cooler it is. So, if you want to live near the beaches, you will want to live at a lower elevation. If you want a cooler clime, up you go to a higher elevation (also nearer rainforest areas in some cases).

∙ Scenery – you need to decide if you want a water view, a jungle (dry or rainforest) setting, or more urban locale.

∙ Accessibility to goods and services – Most people want decent accessibility to goods and services. You need to decide how far you want to have to drive to get to a Pric

eSmart, MaxiPali, Walmart, or other bigger stores. Similarly, service people are available in greater numbers and have better operations in more populated areas (especially where tourists/expats congregate).

∙ Availability of good schools – this is paramount to those who are coming with younger children.

∙ Roadways – secondary roads in Costa Rica can be an adventure. You need to check about the quality of roadways during the green (rainy season) starting in April with the real rain coming down in September through early November. You do not want to be trapped in your home for days at a time waiting for water to subside as rain comes down in buckets towards the end of the Green season.

∙ Population base – Do want to live near a tourist area where the expats tend to congregate or in a more remote area with fewer people at all.

Our office is located in Playa del Coco. The Coco – Hermosa Beach Area is the largest tourist area and is where the greatest number of ex-pats live. There are abundant properties and communities located in every proximity in and around these towns. This area is close to Liberia which houses the second biggest city and airport which is a great convenience for shopping, services, and travel. There are many grocery and specialty stores in the Coco-Hermosa Beach area in addition to tourist destinations and accommodations. It is a very desirable area for home rental in the busier seasons.

So, create your own personal checklist of destination considerations and we will be happy to assist you in your search for your individual paradise.


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