What’s for dinner?

A Diner’s Guide to the Playa del Coco and Hermosa Area

There is no shortage of restaurants in the Playa del Coco/Hermosa area.  You can get many kinds of food within a short travel distance which makes life pretty convenient and easy when you don’t feel like cooking. 

What you will notice immediately is the clear lack of any common chain restaurants that you find in North America. There are no McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, or the like here. For example, you won’t locate a Kentucky Fried Chicken. But, there are several locally owned fried chicken outlets. And, if you want good pizza or burgers, well, the local restaurants have you covered. 

There are two primary types of restaurants, those serving ethnic food and those making food for the tourist population.  If you are looking for ethnic food, there are several Italian restaurants, a Chinese food restaurant (also serving sushi), a Greek Restaurant, a Mediterranean establishment, as well as several other restaurants serving Tico (Costa Rican) specialties, with many establishments featuring lots of fresh, locally caught, seafood. There are several more “upscale” restaurants including a steak house, a seafood eatery, a tapas restaurant, among others for finer dining or special occasions.

Of course, there is an assortment of beach bars and restaurants which are the perfect setting to watch the sun set and ingest your favorite drinks and/or foods.

Until the coming of Covid-19, there was limited food delivery. This has changed due to the circumstances with most restaurants offering either pick up or delivery. This is made even better by people who are cooking out of their homes and delivering food to your home, including all kinds of delectable specialties.  These purveyors of yummy food will advertise on the local Facebook pages with the days they are delivering.

So, what’s for dinner. You name it.  No matter what, if you rotate restaurants, you will not be back to the same one for quite some time and will enjoy the range of choices.

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