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Our goal is that you find yourself closer to paradise in each newsletter. We fell in love with Costa Rica and we think that you will too!

Now that we live permanently in beautiful Costa Rica, we can’t rave enough about its natural beauty, the warmth of its people, gorgeous beaches, magnificent mountains and on an on. We just LOVE the fact that we don’t have to deal with traffic congestion and heavy snow coats. Did I mention that is warm, sunny and beautiful here in Costa Rica? ?

We have shed heavy winter clothes for a much lighter, simpler way of living. We no longer fight traffic or get annoyed about having to shovel snow just thinking about snow gives me the chills.

Even our attitudes, our lifestyle and experiences are lighter and more authentic, most everyone’s attitude is one of “Pura Vida” or “Pure Life”  We are eating better i.e., fresh whole foods, farmers markets are prevalent, exercise regularly as “bad weather” isn’t an excuse in Costa Rica.

Let me help you find your perfect place in paradise just as we did!

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