1. No Army. Costa Rica abolished its army since 1949 while remaining to be the longest-standing democracy in Central America. While Costa Rica maintains Police Guard Forces, has not endured a civil war since 1948. Instead of battling wars, Costa Rica reallocated their “army budget” into education and healthcare for their citizens. The life expectancy of their residents has increased, and the country has a literacy rate of 96% perhaps that is why Costa Rica has topped the Happy Planet Index rankings several years since 2009. No wonder people seem genuinely happy!
  2. The Environment and Biodiversity.  Costa Rica is a world leader when it comes to environmental protections, is also home to almost 5 percent of the world’s total estimated species. In 2015, the country was able to produce 99 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, the goal is for Costa Rica to become carbon neutral by 2021. There is so much natural beauty from gorgeous beaches, national parks, mountains, rivers, volcanoes it’s all there to be explored!
  3. Great Weather! Needless to say, with great beaches comes fabulous weather, which we have! But did you know that Costa Rica has also micro-climates which means you can also live in a cool temperature weather surrounded by mountains.
  4. Same rights when buying property. Foreigners and Expats have the same legal rights as locals when purchasing properties in Costa Rica. The process is straight forward but make sure to always work with professionals in the industry who will guide you and protect your purchase.
  5.  Friendliest people in the world! My husband and I have travelled quite a bit in the last few years in we’ve come to the same conclusion: Costa Rica is the friendliest country, their people are happy, they’re always eager to help one another and seem to be content with life.
  6. Fast response to the pandemic. It’s May 2020 and so far, here in Guanacaste we have 2 new cases that’s it! We had zero cases for over a month. Total cases for the entire country 733 , 372 total recoveries, 355 active cases with 6 deaths. Costa Rica’s government response was fast and swift, they closed bars, restaurants, schools, beaches. We continue facing a strict curfew where unless an emergency, no one is allowed to be on the road after 7pm. Most everyone knows these rules are keeping us safe and healthy and it’s working!
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