Why Renegade Realty?

Renegade Realty Logo #renegaderealtycr We are often asked: “Why name yourself Renegade Realty.” It’s a good question and one we asked ourselves repetitively before deciding on it. If you go to a dictionary, it gives the following definition for “renegade”: An individual who rejects conventional behavior.” When marketing a business, the old adage is “differentiate or die.” We...

Driving in Costa Rica: Nothing to Fear

A common misconception about Costa Rica is that the roads are horrible. This is far from the truth.  Most of the main roads are paved and fairly well maintained.  Whereas the side roads can be a different story depending on where you are heading. These get worse in the rainy season (late September through early November) with dumping rain which washes out the roads substantially in some...

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