Is Costa Rica a safe country to visit?

Is Costa Rica a safe country to visit?


A lot of people ask if Costa Rica is a safe country to visit and my answer is: Yes, but just like anywhere in the world you’d travel be aware.

According to U.S. Embassy, even though petty theft is the main issue, American tourists and residents can also take steps to protect themselves i.e. exercise common sense while out and about.


  • Lock all doors, and keep all windows closed.
  • Keep valuables on the car floor and/or out of sight of a person who could see them and grab them.
  • Park in secured lots whenever possible, and do not leave valuables in the vehicle.
  • Travel with a cell phone.

          Financial transactions:

  • Change money in banks or other financial institutions (money changers on the street have been known to pass counterfeit U.S. dollars and local currency).
  • Retain all credit card receipts and check accounts regularly to help prevent unauthorized use of credit cards.
  • Avoid using debit cards for point-of-sale purchases, as a skimmed number can be used to clean out an account.

          In general:

  • Reduce risk by keeping valuables out of sight, not wearing jewelry, and traveling in groups.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash, jewelry, or expensive photographic equipment.
  • Minimize travel after dark.
  • Do not store valuables in a car’s trunk or glove compartment.


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