Invest in Costa Rica … The Moment is NOW!

Due to all the conflictive situation that is currently developing in Costa Rica at this moment, you will feel inclined to think that it is not a good idea to contemplate possible investments here. But with this article, TCRN will convince you of the opposite. Read on and see for yourself.

Investing in a crisis is undoubtedly risky since the timing and scope of a recovery are uncertain, but those investors who can invest in a crisis without succumbing to irrational fear and anxiety can obtain excellent returns as the country recovers.


While most investors panic when asset prices plummet, those with a cool head are able to see the resulting low prices as a buying opportunity. Buying assets from people who, driven by fear, put asset prices well below their fundamental or intrinsic values, awards rewards to investors with sufficient calm to allow prices to return to the expected levels. Taking advantage of investment in a crisis requires discipline, patience and liquid assets available to make opportunistic purchases.


By recognizing the fact that markets tend to overreact, an intelligent investor can buy at bargain prices. A crisis is an opportunity especially in real estate as buyers of homes and those who invest can identify and act on valuable real assets at prices below normal, and as a result, can enjoy good returns as the housing market re-stabilizes and recovers. The same applies to the power of an investor to benefit in the acquisition of start-up companies that have been put up for sale due to the crisis but have, on the other hand, good productive foundations and growth.


Economic crises are inevitable in any country. Recessions and depressions occur. Behavioral finances tell us that people are prone to panic in such events and will not act rationally, as a result, those people with good synderesis, discipline, and understanding that, historically, markets have always recovered from such events, can buy at bargain prices and get excellent performance. Those with the foresight to foresee that a crisis is imminent can implement strategies to benefit from a low market. Of course, time is everything, and buying too early or too late, or staying in a position of excessive prudence for too long, can serve to accumulate losses and remove potential profits.


Advantages of investing now in Costa Rica

These characteristics are structural and firmly ceded in our country, which means that the present crisis will not affect them and they will be maintained over time:

  1. The country has a young, talented and bilingual workforce
  2. Costa Rica is a preferential access platform for 1/3 of the world’s population, and 2/3 of the global GDP
  3. 87% of exports of goods are covered by Free Trade Agreements. In addition, the country offers various aids and incentives to investors
  4. Solid infrastructure: More than 90% of energy production comes from renewable sources
  5. The quality of life in Costa Rica is high: It is one of the safest countries in Latin America, and one of the 5 countries with the best environmental performance worldwide.
  6. excellent pro-business environment, being the main sectors to undertake: tourism, real estate in addition to the development of manufacturing and services export.

Thus In the current situation of Costa Rica, it is very important to evaluate acquiring and financing assets in dollars, whether they are American or Canadian, Euros or even Bitcoins, which can be revalued along with the depreciation of the Colon and that can strengthen your income. In an economy in crisis, one option is to invest in real estate, tourism or other properties, assets or securities that generate money (while the value of that asset is revalued with inflation).


You can consider options such as education, entrepreneurship, buying and selling real estate, among others. Consider the risks you are willing to take on your investments, as well as know the returns generated by that investment when making it in foreign currency, the ideal is that the yields exceed the inflation in course.


If you do not have the financial muscle to acquire any asset or productive asset, you can associate with trusted people, who have the same commitment, so that together proceed to evaluate the assets that can be financed. One of the ways to protect yourself from inflation is to request -as far as possible- credits to acquire an asset or an investment, always remembering that the legal and socio-economic framework of Costa Rica is totally Foreign-Investor-Friendly.



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