The many ways to make and enjoy new friends

There is always something going on in the vibrant Costa Rican Ex-Pat communities. People make friends easily as information is always being shared about a variety of subjects: good restaurants, service providers, stores, etc. This network is enhanced by the advent of Facebook, on which there are many pages devoted to Ex-Pat interests.

            There are many groups for people to socialize. I will use the Playa Coco area as an example since I live there. There are many groups routinely seeking people to take part. This ranges from cooking classes to softball to canasta to jewelry making to beach trash collection to painting to wine tasting to Bible study as well as many others.  If none of these suit you, you can always just start your own personal “society.” 

            There are many group gatherings of both a private and public nature.  For example, NFL game watching is a large group event which encompasses two restaurants in town and involves many devoted fans.  This is a place where many friendships start as cheering for your team and love of the sport are things everyone there has in common.

            If the sports scene doesn’t suit you, there are plenty of people who like going to the movies at the Beach Cinema which also has sponsored Bingo events.

            The local golf course, Vista Ridge, is another place for players to socialize and enjoy the sport.  There are many sport fishermen and scuba divers who also enjoy their respective sports on a routine basis.

            In addition to the Ex-Pat scene are the many celebrations held by the Ticos.  These include the annual rodeo (El Tope), Christmas, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, among many others.  There are several big parades which include floats, marching bands, and dancing horses.

            Of course, there is always the beach where a soccer game is always about to break out in addition to the general friendly and social atmosphere. By the beaches are plenty of bars and restaurants where the locals gather to refresh and visit with each other.

            There is a never reason to be bored and you can be as busy or not busy as you choose.

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