Feeling Safe in Costa Rica

The Costa Rica pandemic success story

The Costa Rica Pandemic Success Story

While there are many things I missed since I relocated to Costa Rica, mainly friends and the occasional product delivery, I do not miss being in the US in the current circumstances mainly the pandemic that has affected the country so severely.

Costa Rica on the other hand, being a small country (the size of West Virginia), with only 4 million people has managed to do control and maintained the number of infections. As of April 25, 2020 the number of confirmed cases were 713, 323 of those cases recovered, 6 deaths.

Costa Rica built a specific hospital to deal with the pandemic, which remains largely empty since it was inaugurated last month.

By late February, the Health Ministry required businesses to follow specific disinfection protocols. On March 9, before Costa Rica even confirmed its tenth case, it suspended mass gatherings and told employees to work from home. A week later, the country entered a State of Emergency, closing its borders to arriving tourists and cancelling in-person schools among other steps.

The message from the Health Ministry headed by Daniel Salas has been the same, that the entire country needs to work together in order to contain the virus, that message has been understood and followed by its population who are aware of the challenge they face.

Yes, we deal with driving restrictions, beaches, national parks and schools are closed but we all have the feeling that Costa Rica is doing the right things for the citizens they’re preventing the virus from spreading and at the same time, the University of Costa Rica is currently working to find a treatment by using plasma from recovered patients.

According to Costa Rica’s National Institute for Tourism (ICT), tourism contributed to 7 percent of Costa Rica’s GDP and generates around 13 percent of direct and indirect employment. Therefore, the current pandemic has hit this country hard, yet the spirit of its people remains high. Many people and local organizations alike have been collecting and delivering food to those who need it the most. The country has come together to help each other out in these hard times.

We feel connected with our new community by helping and doing our part in aiding families in need. We also feel safe in our new country.

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